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321 pancake, recipe for the best pancakes in the world


Quick, simple and exceptionally tasty – these are the characteristics of the recipe for pancakes 321. This interesting name, which at first glance might seem like a cryptic code, actually hides the top-secret rule of proportions that is at the heart of this recipe. And the best part? This rule is so simple, you’ll quickly memorize it!

This recipe was born out of a desire to create a recipe that is not only delicious, but also easy to prepare. The principle of “321” is to use three main ingredients in easy-to-remember proportions: 3 eggs, 2 cups of milk, and 1 cup of plain flour. This combination guarantees you pancakes with the perfect consistency – not too thick, but firm enough to hold your favorite fillings.

And what’s really clever about this recipe? Even if you don’t have a kitchen scale or measuring cup handy, you can still create perfectly proportioned 321 pancakes. This flexibility is especially useful in situations where you need to make a great meal quickly and with a minimum of tools.

In addition, this basic recipe provides room for creativity. You can add spices such as cinnamon or vanilla, or experiment with different ingredients such as chocolate chips, nuts or fruit. As a result, you have a recipe in hand that can be the basis for countless variations of pancakes, always with the assurance of success.

So the next time you’re wondering what to make for breakfast, snack or dessert, don’t forget this gem – Pancakes 321. We promise this recipe won’t let you down, even when you don’t have all the kitchen tools at hand.


Ingredients for 321 pancakes


Preparation procedure for 321 pancakes


In a bowl, whisk the three eggs until foamy.


Slowly add the milk to the eggs until the mixture is smooth and well blended.

Preparing the dough

Gradually add the flour and a pinch of salt until you have a smooth, lump-free dough. If the dough is too thick, you can add a little milk.


Heat a little oil or butter in a frying pan. When the pan is hot, pour a small amount of batter into it so that it covers the bottom in a thin layer. Bake the pancake on one side for 1-2 minutes or until it is golden in colour, then flip it over and bake the other side as well.


Serve the finished pancakes with your favourite toppings, whether Nutella, fruit, whipped cream, nuts or any other favourite filling.


Video recipe

FAQ about 321 pancakes

Why is the recipe called “321 Pancakes”?

The name “321” refers to the proportion of the main ingredients in the recipe – 3 eggs, 2 cups of milk and 1 cup of plain flour.

Can I use a different flour instead of plain flour?

Yes, you can experiment with other types of flour, such as whole wheat or spelt, but the resulting consistency of the pancakes may vary slightly.

Can I save the pancakes for another day?

Yes, you can store the baked pancakes in the refrigerator in a sealed container for up to two days. You can reheat them again before serving.

Can the recipe be adapted for vegans?

Absolutely! You can replace the eggs with vegan products or, for example, chia seeds (3 tablespoons of seeds in 1/2 cup of water and leave to swell) and you can replace the milk with vegetable milk, such as almond or soya milk.

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